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How we are adjusting the operations in our stores

Cleaning Protocols

We have dedicated team members assigned to consistently cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces throughout the day.

Cleaning Stations

We have added disinfectant cleaning stations for guests to use throughout the facility.

Hand Sanitizer

We have increased the location and number of hand sanitizer stations available for use throughout the facility.

Social Distancing Changes

We are increasing social distancing awareness through signage and new operating procedures. We have separated tables and removed chairs [where applicable] to allow more distance between our guests.

Crowd Control

We have implemented crowd control measures that limit the capacity of guests in the facility.

Team Member Safety

We are making face masks and gloves available to team members to protect them during their shift.

Hide&seek shoes
Facility Entrance

“Guests will not be allowed to enter the facility shoes on. Kids will have to wear Hide&seek special socks (sold separately at $3 ea). Adults can bring their own.”

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